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Filmmaker. Animator. Photographer. Writer.

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I created animations and filmed Super8 footage for this trailer for David Zwirner Gallery's book Point Break: Raymond Pettibon, Surfers, and Waves. I filmed both at Coney Island and at my home on my own Super8 camera to create some of the atmospheric shots in the promo. I created the on-screen text based on Pettibon's handwriting and animated the text to appear naturally on screen. Overall it was a really fun project and I'd love to do more animation and Super8 filming in the future.



My name is Angaelica LaPasta and I am a Brooklyn-based filmmaker and artist with a passion for art and documentary storytelling. My video work has garnered views in the millions and MoMA Photo Club, one of my recent projects was awarded a Webby for Best Content Series: Social. I'm currently freelancing as a video editor for clients like Clean Beauty Collective and Cornell University. I have a passion for storytelling, documentary, history and the many art practices that can be used to share information and inspire people.


instagram: @angaelica


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